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Live Cell Analysis

Live cell analysis is an assessment procedure where a drop of blood from your finger is placed on a microscope slide and examined by a trained professional under a darkfield microscope.

The image is displayed on a television monitor, and is visible for both you and your practitioner to view together.  

Your practitioner is able to see over 50 aspects of your health including vitamin and mineral levels, toxicity, levels of dehydration, PH balance, allergic reactions, parasites, immune system, blood sugar, thyroid function, organ stress, hormone imbalances and a host of other conditions. 

Due to its nature, blood is able to act as a forecaster of health and your practitioner is able to observe conditions that are not visible through regular testing.

From there, your practitioner works with you to support your individualized needs and creates an accurate plan to aid you in achieving an optimal state of health.

By returning for follow up appointments and reviewing your results, you are able to see your progress and continue to work towards your goals.

Biological Health and Healing's mission is to provide personalized, life-enhancing care that helps our clients live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We provide a pleasant, calm, private atmosphere, where you can relax, ask questions and enjoy the opportunity to take control of your health.


Live cell analysis

Initial Consultations:​

Initial Consultations:​

Initial Consultations:​

Initial consultations are one hour in length.

This Includes a Live Cell Analysis, questions, concerns and an individualized personal care plan.​

Price: $110.00

Follow Ups:​

Initial Consultations:​

Initial Consultations:​

Follow up consultations are 30 min. in length.

This includes a Live Cell Analysis, questions, concerns and any necessary adjustments to your personal care plan.

Price: $75.00

What are People Saying?

Initial Consultations:​

What are People Saying?

Many of my friends have noted a change in my appearance and well being,  wanting to know the secret.  Here is where it all started….Biological Health and Healing!  This is where you want to go for getting your health back to prime .  

~ Duane, Wpg, MB