Teena Sheptycki

Meet Your Therapist

Teena Sheptycki is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Therapist and Natural Health Practitioner.  She's been in the natural health industry for over 9 years, training early in her career as a Live Blood Cell Analyst & Natural Health Therapist.  


Through years of working with clients, one thing stood out above all else in it's ability to improve their health and well being.  "Their state of mind!" 

Clients that were diligent with their health protocols, but were under a great deal of stress or embraced unproductive belief systems would struggle to get better. 


However, those that underwent therapy and counselling sessions with Teena would improve much quicker and found it easier to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

The roll that stress and self-defeating beliefs play in the quality of our lives and health is undeniable.

This led Teena to dive deeper into the mind/body side of her practice where she went on to study Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Energy Therapy and  Modern Applied Psychology.

Teena now uses a combination of all her training and experience to bring together a powerhouse therapy call BHH (Biological Health and Healing) hypnotherapy. 

BHH hypnoherapy focuses on the root issue(s) that are getting in the way of individuals living their best lives. This unique therapy is incredibly awakening and helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and any undesired issues you may have. 

You are then guided through processes that facilitate change and assist you in living a life of peace, health, success, improved relationships and personal growth. When relevant, nutrition & lifestyle counselling may be added to the therapy sessions.

Teena has one goal in every therapy session and that is to be there fully and completely for her client. She conducts her sessions with compassion, unconditional acceptance, openness and the understanding that people are completely capable of solving their problems and getting what they want out of life.